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hp latex printers

Deliver a range of high-quality applications in widths up to 2.64 meters
(104in). HP Latex 300 series printers, the HP Latex 280 printer and
water-based HP Latex links ensure rich blacks and glossy results - and
all prins emerge dry, odor-free, and ready to use.


HP Latex 280 Printer

Offer wider output;
enjoy fast, easy productivity

• Indoor quality: 198 ft2/hr
• Up to 104 in roll width
• Double-sided printing


HP Latex 310 Printer

Gain big versatility in
small spaces with this
affordable printer

• Indoor quality: 129 ft2/hr
• Up to 54 in roll width
• Roll-to-free fall printing


HP Latex 330 Printer

Take on more high-quality
indoor/outdoor jobs with
this affordable printer

• Indoor quality: 140 ft2/hr
• Up to 64 in roll width
• Take-up reel


HP Latex 360 Printer

Conquer fast turnarounds
with durable, high quality
at production speed

• Indoor quality: 183 ft2/hr
• Up to 64 in roll width
• Double-sided printing1 and Ink collector


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